Flying Stork

Where I live, I can watch storks every day. The stork is a great flyer. It is also a strong mythological bird. Here it is moving through different more or less abstract landscapes.

La forêt bleue est morte

This work is based on the project "La forêt bleue" from 2013 and the work "Falling Trees", which grew out of this. The installation on the outdoor artspace M1 restages the death of the blue forest. The magic blue forest, home of the soul, lies lost on a light blue fleece. It connects with the sky and sets so the first step to transfomation.

Old Stories, 1-100, 2017-18

The colours red, white and black symbolize the circle of life. They have been on my focus for a long time. Here I use printed paper, which I paint on in a style of old traditions. The patterns connect different times and different world regions

Dragonfly, 2018

White energies capture the dead dragonfly and make her fly again.


A flag defines a space, depicts or symbolizes a value. On Mount Rigi, surrounded by the real landscape, the flag Rigi-Storm no III breaks the perception of the landscape itself. It marks also the hotel as a space open for art.

Mysterious Journey

Leaving for new shores without knowing exactly, where the journey leads to.

Flying Cross

As the last work of the Cross-Series 2016 it summons up my intention to free the cross from the current meaning. In a playfull way this cross flies within the colours red, white and black, primary colours of many old cultures all over the world.

Crosses in the Moon

The cross is a very static symbol. While connecting it with the moon, which represents a cyclic thinking, the meaning of the cross can get in motion.

Selfportraits with Cross

The cross as symbolic body overlays my own person, my personal path.

Yellow Cross

I designed the yellow cross as a metapher for a human being with his social aspects.