Crosses I

The cross is grafically a very reduced sign, but carrying a high concentration of meaning. Pointing in the four directions it is an orientation in space. It is a plus-sign. Prolonging the axis makes it similar to the human body and it turns into a life-or deathsymbol. Crosses I is the first work of an ongoing process.


Death is energy and movement - and rigor and silence.

Nichts Mehr

Nothing More can mean a moment of despair or a moment of freedom.


This special shape of a mountain has a strong graphic character. With few interventions its natural form can be changed in an abstract figure.

Collective Memory

Flashes of insight well up like bubbbles out of the ocean of collective memories.


Coloured snowballs are floating in a pond as symbols for materialized ideas.

Rigi Storms

Mount Rigi is placed in a landscape with great views on lakes and mountains. Pinetrees, the typical tree there, however block this width, they relate distance to closeness, they reflect the dark in the light and they take up all the movements in the air.

Muddy Structures

The little creek in my neighbourhood, where I fetched the clay, was starting point of this work. Mud and clay are a primal creative materials holding memories of cultural and private history.

At Source

Over a videofilm showing a little creek I projected images of my hand painted with watercolours. Emerged is an image of my inner source.

Dancing Pears

Dancing Pears, 10 fotografic images, is dedicatet to the peartrees of my country. During the blooming period I took pictures all over the countryside. In my studio I projected the images on sleaze and cotton, making up sky and clouds. The form of the cotton makes the trees dance.