Falling Trees, 2013

The work Falling Trees is part of the few year long project "L a Forêt Bleue". Two aspects of wood, of trees, create the dynamic of these 12 images, the aspect of ever lasting as an idea and the aspect of being able to fall within seconds.

Broken Flower, 2013

The tension between budding, unfolding and limiting and obstructing is a basic element aof human existence.

Green Rhombus, 2013

The Rhombus is a recurring motif in my work. It represents validity in change of times. It is a perfect form, its meaning can always be rediscovered.

Landessender_Tower, 2012/2013

The Installation Tower refers to the tower of the former Radio Transmitter Station of Switzerland, called Landessender Beromünster. With its 217m it is still the highest monument of Switzerland. I took a special interest on its height, its construction and its lighttransmissiveness. It is built of 8 identical Fotoprints on Plexiglass, which show a part of the construction.

A certain kind of Flower, 2012

5 images, which evoke sensuous as well as abstract associations. They originate from projections of own photograhies on a Water Colour, which I again took a picture of.

Black Body, 2012

Black Body reflects the tension between the body as a physical entity and the body as a field of projection.

She, 2012

A photo and a monoprint, both triggering associations with body images, are superimposed and printed on Plexiglass. As a result, a kind of an interior view becomes visible, similar to an X-Ray.

Landessender_Otherworlds, 2012

The longing for a landscape with untamed, magic aspects was the motor for this series of images.This work belongs to the KKLB-Series, which is a preoccupation with landscape bewteen realitiy and fiction.

Landessender_Storm, 2012

This 2 works will be produced as Wallpaper, wallfilling. It will only be perceived as movement, structure and colour - and makes this way visible the effect a storm can have.

Woman with Background, 2012

6 pictures of a branch representing a female body between power and vulnerability.