wires (tower)

This post I found on the grounds of the KKLB, the former area of the Swiss National Broadcast. Its a symbol for ptotection (wire) of free communication in difficult times.

Landessender_Tower, 2012/2013

The Installation Tower refers to the tower of the former Radio Transmitter Station of Switzerland, called Landessender Beromünster. With its 217m it is still the highest monument of Switzerland. I took a special interest on its height, its construction and its lighttransmissiveness. It is built of 8 identical Fotoprints on Plexiglass, which show a part of the construction.

Landessender_Storm, 2012

This 2 works will be produced as Wallpaper, wallfilling. It will only be perceived as movement, structure and colour - and makes this way visible the effect a storm can have.

Moods, 2012

I layed 7 own abstract fotos, either projected or printed on presentation film, over a picture of a landscape with tree. Thanks to the presence of the tree we read the fotos as images of outer and inner moods.

Red Cloud, 2012

A winter landscape in white and gray shades is loaded up with the rising of a red cloud. Produced in my studio as an analogue picture.

Landessender_Otherworlds, 2012

The longing for a landscape with untamed, magic aspects was the motor for this series of images.This work belongs to the KKLB-Series, which is a preoccupation with landscape bewteen realitiy and fiction.

A certain kind of Flower, 2012

5 images, which evoke sensuous as well as abstract associations. They originate from projections of own photograhies on a Water Colour, which I again took a picture of.

Black Body, 2012

Black Body reflects the tension between the body as a physical entity and the body as a field of projection.

She, 2012

A photo and a monoprint, both triggering associations with body images, are superimposed and printed on Plexiglass. As a result, a kind of an interior view becomes visible, similar to an X-Ray.

My Head is a Cathedral, 2011

A head is a closed room with a fascinating inner design. Never really visible it is the place where world is reflected and thought.