My favourite Yellows, 2012

The qualitiy of a colour showas best in its relation to other colours - here a yellow-red-brown-constellation and a yellow-black-white-Constellation.

Moods, 2012

I layed 7 own abstract fotos, either projected or printed on presentation film, over a picture of a landscape with tree. Thanks to the presence of the tree we read the fotos as images of outer and inner moods.

Red Cloud, 2012

A winter landscape in white and gray shades is loaded up with the rising of a red cloud. Produced in my studio as an analogue picture.

Thinktank, 2012

Where ideas grow...

Nightlight, 2011

This work concentrates on the quality and the emotionality of light in the dark.

Floral Sculpture 2011

The projection of own images on a flower in front of a wall causes a kind of an abstraction of its form., meanwhile the free form of the flower contradicts with the projection on the wall.

My Head is a Cathedral, 2011

A head is a closed room with a fascinating inner design. Never really visible it is the place where world is reflected and thought.

Broken Landscapes, 2011

Moving video-images of landscapes were projected on different sorts of foils and papers, either painted on or printed with own fotos. These several layered images mirror experiences of nature between idealisation and reality.

Pain Series, 2011

In a work in progress I will examine different aspects of pain in form and colour.

Reconsideration, 2011

To reconsider one of my basic images of 1999 means its evaluation and transformation into the actual circumstances.