A gate to an inner world telling about structure and beauty

Totem Poles, 2010

The two images called Totem Poles are characterized by the three colours black, red and white, symbolizing the cyclic principle of life. The poles stand for a body which underlies this principle and also can only exist in this very moment.

moved, 2010

The focus of this series lies on a static, flowerlike form. With various installative means this form successfully gets on the move.

fingerprints, 2009

Pictures of my hands underlie the fingerprint-series. Finger can create odd forms and rooms. Combined with patterns, doubled and mirrored, new abstract landscapes develop.

Portrait I, 2009

During many weeks I worked with this stone, photographed it in an installation of glass, transparency films etc in all its facets. Portrait I is an essence of this series. It can not only be seen as a portrait of a stone but also a portrait of myself.

Origins, 2009

Patterns and ornaments play a big part in my artistic world. They can bear universal emotional and spiritual truths, their rigor can handle chaos and abundance. Often they are evolved out of naturally existing shapes and structures. These 10 images are an improvisation over such a process of form-finding.

Spirals, 2009

Spiral and square express opposing principles, ascendig or descendig cyclical movement and the stability of four corners. The way they are related to each other in this 8-pictures series, the dynamics of the spiral is blocked. Only the dissolution of both boundaries lets a vital development become possible.

Starfights, 2009

This series shows a clash of two forms, one staged dynamically, one passively. They are stars, which are normally seen bodyless and static. Through manipulation of their contours as seen here, they get a body and an aura of drama. The emerging story is about practiced violence between objects of the same kind.

Out of the Dark, 2008

At night darkness absorbs the visible world. Sources of light can pervade it for moments and let appear unexpected shapes, as it is with these 10 photographs.

Black Pieces, 2008

Black, grey and white is the colour range of the work Black Pieces. The five photographs depict a layer of simultaneously existing conditions, the first picture subsumising visually the following four.