Black Veil, 2008

A black veil is the subject of these 12 photos. It reflects itself, covers, divides and lets filter through. It is a symbol for grief, a great emotion with transforming power. This serie shows stations of such a trasnforming process.

Vain, 2008

The 11 photos of this series take the principle of mirroring a stage further. The parts of the composition consist, amongst other things, of a pink line and flour. The structures, forms and interstices thus produced offer the spirit both purchase and space.

Diary of a Lost Soul, 2007

The selection of these 28 pictures was made from thousands of photographs taken in the studio over a whole year. Precisely because the source of the components remains impossible to grasp, the pictures are given a new spatiality and physicality through enlargement and mirroring. In terms of the embodiment of the soul they may be understood as approaches towards one’s own identity and its final recovery.

Flower blue, 2006

Unlike most of the other series, this series of 6 pictures has a strongly narrative component. The stylised blossom is in a sense subjected to a storm that brings change. Given the unchanging rudimentary source material against a blue background, this series shows the capacity for variation in the artistic medium of the staged photograph.

Kaleidoscope, 2006

In terms of their construction, these 13 pairs of pictures are inspired by the principle of reflection in a kaleidoscope. While their severity fulfils a longing for structure and order, because of the transformability that characterises the kaleidoscopic image, they speak of the potential dynamism of a supposedly fixed object and its capacity for change.

Flying spaces, 2001/2005

The material for this series consisted of photographs and video stills of wild ducks wintering in New Mexico. The abstract silhouette of the animals, printed on transparent foils, were incorporated into variously staged spaces and photographed.

Colour spaces, 2003/2004

This work consists of 56 pictures. Each of the eight colour series conveys, over seven stages, a development based on the analogy of colours and emotions. Most of the motifs are derived from flowers.

New Mexico Series, 1999 – 2000

The New Mexico Series, consisting of the works New Mexico Series I-III, Flying and Gone, are the result of a longer stay in the culturally and spiritually charged region of New Mexico. They are a reflection about the real and the symbolic aspects of landscape.